Thursday, August 5, 2004

Got More Heat?

I have been a hot dog.

Have you seen the map of the USA on the weather channel? It's red from the East Coast to the West Coast! I haven't seen anything like it before. Mocha, Putts, Demon and I haven't been going for super long dog walks due to the heat. Mocha had to be watered down one day from heat exhaustion. It was bad. There's nothing like a hot wet dog who slobbers all over you and smells like a hot wet dog. Lol. Well, it was funny and it wasn't funny. You know what I mean ?

Demon, my Tabby Cat neighborhood pal, is up to his ears in taking care of a stray kitten. Such a Mr.Mom he is these days. Makes us all howl with laughter. Demon the Daddy.

So, it's been busy for M & M (their commissions are keeping them covered in paint, lol) and it's been busy for me (I went shopping for a new hot pink leash and a run on the beach at Newport).

Bark at ya later, PJ the dog bloggin' hot dog :-P