Thursday, April 20, 2006

ArT Cards are Fun!

Wheaten Terrier Dog arT card

M has been drawing more art cards. They're kind of like baseball cards, only without any bubblegum and no baseball players. Ok, so maybe they're more like....miniature art on a card size. :-)

So, what's new and blue ?

Easter is already over? I missed the Easter Bunny? Huh?

Yep, it's allergy season. I got served a whopper of allergies. I've been itchy. Then, ahhh, relief. Not as much sneezing. M always laughs when I sneeze. She thinks it's quite funny. Then again, I think it's funny when she sneezes too. She makes a high pitched sound that perks my ears.

Now, Mocha, my doggie pal, he thinks sneezing is hilarious too! He'll roll over on his back and wiggle in the grass when I'm sneezing my fur off.

So, I'm going to go looking for some Easter Eggs. I bet a few got left behind. Ohh, maybe a gold foil covered egg. Now, that would be fun to find among the Iris blossoms.

Bark at you later,
PJ the dog blogging dog :-P