Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Genealogy Tree

What's been the delay in blogging? Well, a new series of course. M has been mulling over an original digital illustration on a genealogy tree series. She finally (woof woof!) came up with the finalized idea and ta da, here is the result (above). If you have any suggestions for letters you'd like to see, just drop an email or Etsy convo. M loves genealogy. She's always over at rootsweb and and looking at something called census records or the sort.

Meanwhile on the dog front, I've been a bad bad dog. I found a most comfortable quilt in a back room at home and well, I just had to drag it to my doggie bed in the middle of the night. Needless to say, the cotton quilt was an absolute comfy blankie to sleep on. Unfortunately, I had the quilt snatched out from under me...sheesh, I didn't know that was in a "hope chest." What's a hope chest anyhow? Looks more like a dog bed chest filled with soft blankies to nuzzle with and on and under.

Heirloom quilts. Ok, ok ok. Woof.

Bark at you later,
PJ the dog blogging dog :-P

P.S. No quilts were harmed in my attempt at doggie coziness. I didn't even chew on the edges, honest. Ok, so I slobbered a little. But I get a free "slobber pass" (like a Big Brother slop pass, only for dogs). :-)