Monday, June 15, 2009

Ouch Day on Saturday

My best buddy, Mocha, stepped on a thorn this past Saturday. We were walking around the neighborhood and Mrs. Julia happened to be pruning her beautiful Queen Anne roses. The roses, which form a winding walkway to her maple doors, were about six feet tall prior to the pruning. Of course, since it's June, Mocha and I weren't expecting rose branches to be scattered across our path as we raced by as we were playing "Indy 500" as usual. But Mrs. Julia hadn't gotten around to the roses in March since her nephew had been in town and staying with her (he's a swell boy who loved teaching Mocha and I how to play frisbee). Needless to say, Mocha hit the skids just as his back paw landed on a doozy of a branch. The thorn had gone in...deep. The howl I heard made me drop to the ground with my belly hugging the sidewalk in fear.

Mrs. Julia got a hold of Mocha and with these ghastly tweezers (yikes!) pulled a one inch thorn from Mocha's paw. I felt so bad for Mocha. His whimpers made me shiver. Mrs. Julia walked him home and told me to scoot on home myself.

Mocha's Dad called M to let me know he's all bandaged and had a warm meal in his tummy. Sunday turned out to be us watching horror flicks (The Invasion and Diary of the Dead) while Mocha got "couch" treatment which included gourmet meals, sips of coffee, and belly rubs. His recovery is going great.

I'm going to make a homemade "Get Well Soon" card. After all, glitter and glue have a way of cheering up a dog.

I even heard Mrs. Julia sent over a plate of homemade peanut butter doggie biscuits (in the shape of flowers, lol).

Bark at you later,
PJ the dog blogging dog :-)