Thursday, August 2, 2007

Ode to Smelly Dog

-----Ode to a Smelly Dog-----

There once was a dog so smelly
got lathered from tail to belly
bubbles popped and tickled his nose
they even got between his toes

The cascading suds tasted a lot like bacon
but the dog could have been mistaken
however, as the bubbles began to multiply
the dog tipped his head, he realized why

A good grip and he readied to dash
from the tub erupted an enormous SPLASH
the once smelly dog had gotten free
and went straight to the couch with much glee

And so I stood dripping wet
not sure what to do as of yet
I wondered where it was that I'd gone wrong
...turns out the bath was for me all along!

(a little original poem by MKS, 2007)

In case you can't tell, I saw a certain episode
of "Friends"
and well, I couldn't let the cats
have all the glory! Woof!

Bark at you later,
PJ the dog blogging dog :-P