Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Finding an Alternate Dinner

So, today it's all about food. :-)

M thought she had some Tofurkey sausages and some noodles. Turns out she had the noodles (homemade spinach and garlic noodles) but no Tofurkey (sigh). In the pantry, a lone cane of kidney beans and some fresh garlic. Ok, what to do...what to do. She looked at my quizzically (I had just eaten dinner and couldn't wait to try her table scraps, mmm mmm good).

Out of nowhere, she starts using the little hand can opener (it zips around the can in a little circle and then waits patiently with the lid hanging in the air by a magnet) on the can of kidney beans. Of course, first, she washed the can lid off. Eww, if she didn't. Then she drains the kidney beans and throws them in a saute pan with a little pat of unsalted butter.

On a white acrylic chopping board, M began to smash the raw garlic with the flat edge of a large butcher knife. Then she peeled and minced the garlic. Did I mention I love when she adds garlic to my dinner?

In another pan, water is boiling. The fresh homemade spinach noodles are dropped in.

She added the garlic to the beans, a smidge of some kind of cheese I can't pronounce (but it tastes smokey) and then mushed everything up with a potato masher while it cooked.

Noodles are cooked. Piled on a crisp white plate with wide rim.

The kidney beans, garlic, butter, cheese and various spices are added and formed into a "mock burger" patty. A lovely leftover of homemade alfredo sauce accompanies and the dish is complete.

Ta da! I, in turn, enjoyed the table scraps of long noodles and beans. Yum.

I never knew not having anything in the fridge could taste sooo good.

Bark at you later,
PJ the dog blogging dog :-)