Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saturday is Like Sunday

Today feels like Sunday. Don't you think so?

As I was out making a stroll around the block, I caught the whiff of a BBQ. Smokey billows of yumminess drifted through the air and I realized someone somewhere had to be roasting a butternut squash. I know, weird huh?

Then I thought, oh boy, it must be Sunday. I love Sunday because sometimes just as the sherbert sun is about to dip from the cyan sky, M will grab me and we'll head to Balboa to catch a sunset right on the shores edge. There's nothing like digging my paws into the sand and watching the magic that occurs when the day becomes night. Plus, I love a good splash in the salty water.

Alas, I arrived home to discover junk mail. Shucks! Junk mail means it's Saturday. Of course, I love to "recycle" the junk mail for M and M, but still, that doesn't beat the sky turning colors of caterpillar orange, lobster reds, and fluffy puffs of cotton candy pink.

So, today turned out to be Saturday and tomorrow will be the day I thought today was and could have been.

Umm, only five more hours. :-)

Bark at you later,
PJ the dog blogging dog :-)


The Lil Bee | 7:02 AM

I could see that sunset, the way you described it. Love the lobster reds.

Oscar | 5:29 PM

sniff sniff sniff... do I know you?