Sunday, August 31, 2008

What I Learned in August

This month I learned some little lessons:

  • Ants are voracious

  • Humidity and fur do not mix well

  • Taco lasagna is delicious

  • Parakeets love celery

  • Sand in between my paws feels like glass

  • Rootbeer is absolutely delicious

  • Hot sidewalk=Sizzling paws

  • Barking inside a high vaulted room really hurts my ears

  • Doves cooing make me sleepy

  • I love ice

  • I dislike ants with a vengeance...

  • That concludes this months little life lessons.

    Bark at you later,
    PJ the dog blogging dog :-)


    The Lil Bee | 8:45 PM

    And let's not forget the joys of swimming in a lake! Thanks for this cute:)

    Oscar | 2:26 PM

    Grrr - urrr ruur ruur ruff ruff rurr rurr rurr rah rah rurr grrr rur ruur rurrr ruff ruff rur grrrruuf ruf rarrraruuf!

    Translated: Just being outside more is the Greatest thing in the world! All of the different smells, especially the neighbors barbeque! Where's the frisbee!

    PeachPoPs | 7:51 PM

    Thank-you for your replies!

    Lil Bee: Happy Birthday!

    Oscar: I just threw a red striped frisbee your way...which way would that be again? :-)