Friday, April 11, 2008

Watch Out Here They Come

Sure, you've seen them sitting on the grass in the yard. Maybe they're munching on some sweet stalks of yellow grass. But watch out. They could be zombie bunnies.

The other day M saw one bunny sitting innocently outside. Then, when she looked again, there were two bunnies. It just so happened I'd been watching the daily dog news and caught some breaking news about cannibalistic bunnies roaming about. To my shock, there were two unsubs in the yard. What to do? Well, I did what any dog would do in my situation. I barked up a storm until M came and rubbed my belly and then I stared at the critters outside.

Maybe they're just an urban legend around these parts. But I'm not taking any chances. I checked the dog bulletin blog and what do you know? The bunny from the yard is wanted in three counties for munching on...Easter eggs. The horror!

I'm on the look-out. The unsubs could return. I'll keep you informed.

Bark at you later,
Pj the dog blogging dog :-)