Sunday, September 11, 2005

Hurricane Katrina Part II

This dog is still crying thirteen days later after Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast.

The images of flooded homes, piles of boats sitting on land, bloated bodies on the side of the freeway ramps, and a trashed Superdome are heartbreaking. The faces of children crying for their parents makes me so sad. I want to reach my paws through the television screen and offer them some hope along with a doggie hug. The relief on the face of an elderly woman, as she is rescued from her attic, 13 days later, makes this dog speechless. Why were so many elderly forgotten?

I see the dogs in chest high water, while boats go by. I see the dogs on front porches, who have been left behind for thirteen days without clean water or fresh food. I watch the video images on CNN, Fox News and MSNBC of the stray dogs with wet fur, contaminated by the waters of NO, and I see pain.

If this is how we treat our animal companions, how can we wonder at how the elderly and disabled are treated in a disaster like Hurricane Katrina? I am not berating the rescuers, they are heroes. I am berating the people who do nothing to help the animals or their human companions. Thank goodness for the and all the animal rescue groups who are banding together to help.

I am sickened, appalled and utterly on the brink of tears when I DON'T see what has happened. I am SICKENED (yes, I am yelling, because I can't believe the media seems to have glossed over soooooo much) at what went on in the Superdome. I have to read messages on boards *outside* the US to hear first hand what went on inside--the racial tension, the rapes, and the murders. Why hasn't the media focused on how unsafe the British Tourists felt inside that inferno? Why is it glossed over? Why?

Why is calling someone a looter considered racist? If you are stealing electronic items, when they are not necessary for survival---you are a looter. It has nothing to do with skin color. Calling someone a refugee or evacuees--does not mean people are being racists.

Why is the race card being played in the first place? No matter what skin color you are or were--Katrina didn't care.

And so, the blame game begins.

And this dog can still cry.
Bark at you later, PJ the dog blogging dog.