Thursday, September 1, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

A dog can cry.

That's what I've been doing. Crying. I cry at the images of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina on CNN. When I hear the stories of the people trying to survive Katrina by hanging onto a tree for three hours through the worst of it...I cry.
It's heartbreaking.

Then, I growl. I get angered. I bark at the images of the looters on the news. The excuses for looting make my doggie tummy sick. It literally pains me to see people trashing stores and stealing. I understand about having to survive. Guns, electronics and clothing aren't survival necessities. Unlawful selfish people are what looters are in my eyes.. And it makes me so mad! Go save the people off the roofs of the homes who have been there for three or more days. Get in a boat and help the elderly, disabled and others who have no one else helping them. Listen to the child screaming for help as she stands atop a car pleading for help and drenched head-to-toe--and take action by HELPING them instead of yourself. That's what I'd like to scream at those looters.

A dog can cry.
Bark at you later, PJ the dog bloggin' dog.