Friday, February 17, 2006

Two Dogs and a Sunset

Briard Dog Painting with Beach

Geneva and Griffon love to go to the beach every day. The beach holds good memories for the two of them. In fact, the beach holds great memories. Standing on the shore, nose to nose, they gaze into the eyes of one another and remember all the times when they were young Briards and ran along the shore until their tongues lolled to the side of their mouths.

After many years together, they still are true to the puppy love that brought them together. They still splash into the water, fur flying, as the waves crash around them. They still love to chase the seagulls who tip toe nearby.

Though a sherbert sky may melt into the horizon, they don't break the gaze between them. For these two, sunset down at Newport Beach on a windy day is golden. The smell of warm delicious hamburgers from the end of the pier at Ruby's Diner drifts across the slight breeze and makes their black button noses twitch with anticipation. The wet sand sinks beneath their paws and small air bubbles rise to the surface as they walk along the rising tide.

The gentle roll of waves swirls the sky into a master piece of impressionism for one brief moment as the moon begins to cast a white sliver above them.

Robert Frost wrote that "nothing gold can stay."

But for Geneva and Griffon, he'd have made an exception I'm sure.

Bark at you later,
PJ the dog blogging dog :-)