Saturday, February 4, 2006

The Wiener Mobile Chase, Live @ 5!

Doxie Dogs

It began as a slow speed chase. The trio of Dapple Doxies made a run for it at the local hotdog stand. Covered in mustard and ketchup, they took off, hot diggity dog did they sail down the road!

From Chopper 2, the image of the trio (as seen above) was caught by our own pilot. We have a glimpse of the Doxie dashers behind the wheel of the wiener Mobile as they make their way across the state, eating numerous hotdogs (making mustard and ketchup traffic jams along the interstate) and tossing plastic whistles to passing motorists (according to eyewitnesses at the scene, we're hearing reports that the Doxie trio are flashing grins ear to long ear and barking happily at pedestrians walking dogs). Beep Beep! We'll keep you updated as the chase continues--it's dog gone wild! Stay indoors folks...the Doxies are known to give a look that will melt your heart. :-)

And that, my doggie friend, is how the legend of the Dapple Gang began...

Bark at you later,
PJ the dog blogging dog :-)