Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Sun Came Out and the Mud In

The sun came out today. Yippee! I ran to my favorite fig tree and dug a nice hole. Being that the ground had just received a fresh soaking from the clouds above, my legs had mud from here---------to there! I got a pretty good sized hole, and even saw a gopher peeking out from another hole around the other side of the wisteria. After getting my face well mudded, I headed in and snuck past the guard to Emerald City.

"Messy!" I heard as I zoomed inside the french doors and dashed for the demin white couch.

"Oh no you don't" I could hear as I dashed down the hall and right past her in the kitchen.

"Hey now!" She laughed as I rolled on the floor. My paws had smeared half the mud across the carpet runner and I even managed to get a little on the fridge door as I zooooomed by. Honest, I didn't mean to get any mud anywhere, but I sure don't like it to cake onto my fur as it dries. Ick!

I been a bad doggie. Tsk tsk.

My punishment? Oh, I was forced to take a warm bath and be dried off with a fluffy towel which was still warm from the dryer. Poooooor little me. Now, I got some warm chicken stock to lick up and guess where I got to be put?

Yep, the white denim couch. I was all bundled up and kept warm 'cause I got me the shivers from the cold mud.
I been a bad doggie. Woof! :-)

Bark at you later,
PJ the dog blogging dog :-P