Friday, March 24, 2006

The Contents of a Purse

Westie Dog with keys Painting
M let me peek inside her purse and boy oh boy! Shiny keys that unlock cars, doors to rooms, and even a button thing that makes the four wheeler go "beep beep" from far far away! She had a stick of red stuff, tasted like candle wax and smelled like cherries. I got some on my fur too. What a mess, I tell ya.
Little slips of paper that I wasn't allowed to tear to shreds, of course. And then shiny little flat pieces of metal with portraits. Fun discs I call 'em! They make tink noises when they spill onto a marble floor. Some even spin and roll under chairs when I gave chase and bopped them with my nose.

I never knew a purse could be so much fun. More! Let's head to the mall...I bet there are a lot there for me to check out.
Hey, here's a thought, a doggie purse. I could store my license (it tends to jingle and gives me away when I'm up to something (or so they tell me) and I could put a handy pen and pad of paper for when I'm feeling...poetic.

Ok, a Birkin Bag for moi. It'd be a good thing.

Bark at you later,
PJ the dog blogging dog :-P