Thursday, March 30, 2006

Meooowzer Baby!

cat illustration with blue eyes
Hiya all!

We've got new ACEO's online and they're illustrated in pen and ink. Fun fun fun! M says they take time, but she likes the fine details one can get with pen & ink.

Today, I saw another baby gopher. Poor thing popped it's little cocoa head out of the top soil and looked around just in time to catch me peering at it. I, being the kind and lazy dog I am, let the teeny creature feel top of the world by not giving chase. Plus, who needs a muddy face when there's a fresh cup of mocha coffee in the house?

Speaking of which, it's time for some cartoons. Beep beep!

Oh, hey, almost forgot. I learned something today. For those Appleworks devotees and novices alike, I found a neat trick my eyes really appreciated. At the bottom left corner of a spreadsheet document, there are two icons of a small mountain and a large mountain. Hit the large mountain and ta da baby! The document zooms in for those late nights when you're eyes tire. Then, hit the small mountain to zoom out.

I can't believe I missed this little doozy for so many years. Yikes! Well, I hope it'll help someone. Let me know if it does. :-)

Bark at you later,
PJ the dog blogging dog :-P