Friday, February 22, 2008

Fonts and Birds

Oh, they've updated blogger.  Now I can change my font to anything! Ok, so maybe not anything.  But there are font choices now.  Very cool.  I'm a happy dog.  I didn't realize I liked fonts that much.  Lol.   I actually love looking at all the different styles of fonts.  From arial to comic sans, the choices are fun to play around with on your website or blog.

Just like fonts, birds have a lot of distinct personalities too.  For instance, I often find that I see interesting bird "secrets" when I'm out on one of my daily walks around the neighborhood.  I once saw a bird nest that had been woven with strands of green floss.  That nest, high in a Mulberry tree, made me smile (no pun intended).  I was not aware that birds used floss. :-)

The other day, I saw a nest with a button and thread interwoven among the twigs.  The nest had long been abandoned and dropped from a very tall eucalyptus.  But boy oh boy, that nest was a work of art.  

And so today I'll look high up in the trees as I'm walking.  Perhaps I'll see a mud nest under the eaves of a ranch house, or maybe I'll glimpse a nest in-the-making.  That would be cool.

Bark at you later,
PJ the dog blogging dog :-)