Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Could it be Tuesday Already?

Good Morning!

Are you having a great Tuesday already?
Well, if you are, great. If not, read on for a little smile to start your day.

A week or so ago I heard a familiar sound in the backyard. Kaw kaw. The cries of a crow were distinct even over the hum of the air conditioner.

I trotted over to the window and peeked out. Far off in the gated vegetable garden, a big black crow huddled in the corner. I could see it's red throat each time the little fella gave out a kaw. Now, baby crows are quite big and really the only way I can tell the difference is in their behavior. A baby crow will likely keep flapping it's tar black wings and crying at another crow until that crow (most likely Momma or Daddy Crow) takes it's beak and empties the goodies into the beak of the baby crow.

Another hint is the sight of a red throat aimed up at the sky. The babies are super hungry all the time. It almost sounds like they're saying "Maw maw maw" over and over.

The little fella in our garden had found a cozy spot near the climbing Cecil Bruner and an overhanging crimson bougainvillaea.
What caught my eye had to have been the wing that the baby crow wasn't lifting off of the bricks. In fact, the crow hadn't been off the bricks for the few minutes I'd been watching.

I got distracted by a cup of coffee, but returned to the window around 7pm and saw the crow still there. Other crows sat above on the fence looking down at the poor little guy. I watched as the crow jumped and tried to make it to the fence, but his little wing flopped useless by his side.

Oh no, a broken wing. Not a good thing for a bird.

M got sight of what had caught my attention. After googling about what could be done, the sun had set and we had a crying crow in the yard after dark.

Since we have a bird already, we didn't have any cage to keep the bird in. Plus, if we touched the crow, the parents might not return to feed their baby.

It was decided we would keep watch on the crow, now dubbed "Broken Wing." Doing so would mean a sleepless night, but it was worth the loss of a few zzz's.

Our only wish was for the crow to make it through the night and for no predators...

To be continued...