Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Friday the 13th !

What is it about Friday the 13th? I used to love the day as a pup. The marathon of Friday the 13th movies with Jason and his mother terrorizing people in water, on land, and even space. Shucks, a good axe, a bucket of blood, and a few screams mean I'm one happy dog.

These days I can't help but remain a bit cautious on a day like today. For instance, M went in to grab some water and salmon for a BBQ this weekend and the other M and I waited in the car. Well, just our luck, a huge gas truck pulls up next to us. Then, the hoses are brought out. Then the squeal of gas sounds start up. Finally, as my eyes are glued to the hoses and the high-pitched sound as gas leaks from ancient corroded hoses, I spy the nozzle. The nozzle had a nice sized hose attached. But the interesting part was the cloud of white gaseous substance leaking around the loose connection.

Ok, and that's where the 13th comes in to play. So, I'm thinking that since my luck tends to be fussy, I kept thinking good thoughts. "No, this gas leak is nothing. No worries. Be happy."

Then the Final Destination movies begin playing in my doggie mind. Look for the signs. Any slips of paper with the word "gas" being tossed about by a sudden change of wind? Nope. Any reflections of a passing bus? Nope, phew.

Paranoid beyond help, I let out a bark. The guy holding one of the hoses just looks my way curiously.

Is he smoking? I thought for sure I could smell cherry tobacco somewhere. Lit cigar, flammable gas, no escape. The thoughts are racing and I'm in a car with a full gas tank too.

M patted me on the head, and if reading my mind said, "Don't worry kiddo."

With that reassurance, I dropped my head to the window sill. I let out a deep sigh.

But I couldn't help keeping one eye on the car window near us, just in case that bus reflection should appear.

Bark at you later,
PJ the dog blogging dog :-)