Monday, June 18, 2007

The Iced Coffee Conspiracy

Ok, M stayed up quite late all weekend. This in turn kept me up. The cycle of insomnia is viscious, eh?

So, what kept her up? Iced coffee. Yes, it's a sickness. She discovered (actually, she rediscovered) a delicious iced coffee and had about six (don't fall off that seat, I said 6!) cups. Not just six on one day. But six for three days straight. And that's just the cups I kept count of. So, we're talking 18 plus cups.

Oh, and not regular sized cups (I'd show you a photo of the gigantic eNorMous mug, but my paw skills on taking photos is bad and her hands are still shaky from the caffeine). No, that would be too easy.

Her mug holds about 12 oz of coffee. How do I know the exact volume? Well, who do you think has their very own doggie mug? That would be moi. :-) But I digress.

Ok, so she drinks the coffee. I drink some coffee. We both get HUGE freezer headaches from the crushed ice and coffee combination. Then, we repeat. I think the definition of crazy is repeating irrational behaviour. I'm not sure. Does that sound right?

Then Matt comes over and it's like 2am and now they're both drinking coffee. It's clear what they were up to--they'd masterminded a plan to keep me awake and highly alert (I like to bark at shadows when I'm up past midnight). Why? Well, after checking to make sure I had at least two copies of Catcher in the Rye under my doggie bed, I thought about it.

Then, I thought some more. And here's the conclusion I have come to after sixty three hours without sleep.

I'm part of an underground scientific experiemental study where researchers want to know what kind of art can and will be created by an insomniac dog. This sounds completely reasonable. Doesn't it?

Oh boy! I hear my mug being put on the floor...

Bark at you later,
PJ the dog blogging dog :-)