Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It's Bionic Wednesday!

I have been hearing that saying during the summer and the fall. Somehow, the phrase has stuck in my head and now I refer to every Wednesday as "Bionic Wednesday!" Sure, I may not catch the remake of the beloved series every single episode (a dog's gotta party too), but I love the idea of being bionic.

So, I don't have a super strong arm or bionic hearing. But I have been known to bark before someone knocks. And though I don't have bionic legs, I can zip around at the beach and chase small waves away.

As far as having a microchip, well, we can't give away all the company secrets, now can we?

I hope you have a super Bionic Wednesday. I know I'm going to try my best.

Bark at you later,
PJ the dog blogging dog :-)