Monday, December 31, 2007

The Last Day of 2007: 10 Easy New Year's Resolutions You Can Keep!

Happy New Year's Eve 2007! Can you believe it? Tomorrow will be 2008.

Have you made your resolution yet? Essentially a resolution is a pledge or promise to do or not do something.
Perhaps you've given up on making a New Year's Resolution because they always get broken. Well, I've got a few simple and easy resolutions which don't take much effort but do benefit your fellow human or animal.

Choose to do one or choose a few (maybe even more than a few!). These resolutions are guaranteed to be easy and then this coming year you can say, with a smile, that you kept your New Year's Resolution!

  • Call an elderly relative after the holidays are over. Let them know you care "just because."

  • Take 15 minutes to visit a local animal shelter and pet at least one dog or cat. They need TLC too.

  • Give your dog or cat a 5 minute belly rub. Not only do they love the attention, but you'll come away relaxed too.

  • Write a note to a friend who lives far away. It doesn't have to be long, just a short message they won't expect.

  • Smile at three people in one day. Someone having a bad day will really appreciate the random act of kindness.

  • Drop one penny on the ground somewhere. You've just given someone else a little "luck" for the year.

  • Plant a single flower in a pot or in your yard. A butterfly, bird, or snail will be thankful.

  • Buy a bag of birdseed and feed your backyard birds. You'll be amazed at the happy chirping sounds.

  • Donate a few blankets to the local animal shelter. The blankets will give some dogs and cats a warm bed at night.

  • You know those plastic holders for six packs of soda? Cut one up before throwing the plastic away. Make sure there are no loops. This insures that wild animals won't get trapped inside one.

  • I hope you try at least one of these ideas. If you do, please drop a line letting me know or add a comment.

    Oh, and please have a safe and sane New Year's. Don't drink and drive. And please make sure your pets are safely inside during the night (since fireworks and party poppers scare dogs, cats, birds, and all animals).

    Happy New Year!

    Bark at you later,
    PJ the dog blogging dog :-)