Friday, January 4, 2008

The 27 Cries of a Crow

There are supposedly 27 different cries that a crow makes. The folklore surrounding a crow has always interested M. A few weeks ago she happened to see a lone crow sitting on a road sign. The crow kept making a loud caw caw. Over and over the coal black feathers ruffled around the neck and the beak opened again and again sending forth some mysterious message. The tail feathers appeared ragged and torn on the ends, as if this crow had suffered through many a scuffle.

This inspired M to create a series of brooches featuring the crow. I myself, am quite curious about the shiny black birds.

And just yesterday I saw a crow on the sidewalk. The little guy had found a leaf and kept poking at the dried papery thing with his long black beak. I gave a hello bark. Unfortunately, me barking at a crow only a few feet away made the guy quite skittish and he flew off before I could offer a warmer welcome.

Oh, if only I spoke crow.

Bark at you later,
PJ the dog blogging dog:-)


jacksonbarnes | 9:50 PM

I just bought this from you ^_^

Are you making more or are the other projects of crows going to be different? My girlfriend wants one too!

PeachPoPs | 1:29 PM

Thank-you Jackson! Yes, there will be different crows in this series. 27 in all hopefully!

:-) I'm so happy you like the brooch!!!!

jacksonbarnes | 1:53 PM

I will probably be purchasing another for my girlfriend.

I just searched "crow" out of all of etsy and yours was the best thing I found out of everything! Very cute crow!