Monday, January 21, 2008

Overhead, The Sowl

I saw an owl last fall. The majestic winged creature glided over my head as I took a nightly stroll.

The first time occurred just as I'd found a persimmon that had dropped to the ground. The orange globe of juicy deliciousness beckoned me. I resisted the urge to eat this delightful morsel since I had tried a not-so-ripe one a few weeks previously. My lips puckered at the thought. Just then, a strange sound from overhead and behind. The sight of those expansive wings astounded me. I stared upward and tilted my head toward the stars. Gliding over my head in silence, I could only catch a glimpse before the creature disappeared behind a large oleander bush.

An owl. Oh yes, the mysterious owl. There is a pair that live quite close. Among us dogs, the owls are talked about in hushed tones. We honor and respect them.

And it happened this evening that M also caught a glimpse of the owl. The folklore of owls is amazing. They can be the messengers of good or evil. They can signify an event to come. But M likes to think of them as guardians of the soul.

The moment stuck with M and inspired another brooch.

I also like to think the owl is a guardian of the soul.
Perhaps that night, someone somewhere nearby needed protection.

Then again, hoo knows.

Bark at you later,
PJ the dog blogging dog :-)