Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Guess what M did today?

No, she did not run through the yard until all four paws became encrusted with sticky mocha mud (But I did!).
She did not sit patiently on the kitchen floor as warm coffee brewed on the counter (But guess who did?).
And finally, M did not hang her head out of a car window and close her eyes as she sniffed the urban city after a fresh sprinkle of rain (But I did! I caught the smells of In & Out Cheeseburgers and pine logs burning in a fireplace).

Today M got cheeky. Not in a good way either. She bit her cheek while eating oatmeal this morning. Let's just say (gross alert) red oatmeal is yucky to see. Ick! She not only bled, but she sounded funny all day as she tried talking (swollen cheek). Luckily the inside of her cheek stopped bleeding and she didn't have to go to the hospital (how sad would that be...oatmeal hazard alert).

How's that for a weird Wednesday?

So, always remember, oatmeal can be dangerous if you haven't had your morning coffee first. Tsk tsk M.

Bark at you later,
PJ the dog blogging dog :-)