Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday Madness

I'm rambling a bit today. The tabloids and politics are dominating the television and radio airwaves. It's all a dog can do before going paw crazy! So, I turned to some vintage ephemera to ease my doggie mind of modern day woes.

I've always been fascinated by visual tricks of the mind. For instance, have you seen the old lady silhouette in the profile of a young woman before? It's quite cool. There's also a black and white image of a face. First you stare at the face (religious figure) and then you stare at a white wall. The image appears on the white wall before your very eyes. A nifty trick that can really entertain a dog like me for hours.

Above is a nice example of a subtle, yet somewhat disturbing visual illusion. Can you imagine this as a Valentine's Day card? Well, ok, maybe Al Capone might have sent this little gem.

Me, I prefer the ever whimsical hand"paw"made doily and construction paper card. You can't go wrong with one of those babies. Plus, a little doggie lick is a great mobile "glue stick."

Bark at you later,
Pj the dog blogging dog :-)