Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hippity Hop

I saw a bunny! Yep, I saw a bunny and I didn't even give chase. Why? Well, I just think they are such cute critters. Ok, why didn't I give chase to a darling fluffy white cotton ball tailed bunny rabbit? I confess, I'm a funny dog if I haven't had my coffee first thing in the morning. I can't help it. It's my doggie curse. I contemplated taking off at lightning speed and watching the bunny make leaps and bounces over the irises and into the vegetable garden. But alas, I was enjoying my cup of coffee and decided to let the bunny continue nibbling on the lemon grass. Besides, I'm sure the bunny doesn't think I'm just having fun chasing. I think the bunny thinks I'm a predator (which I'm not--I'm more afraid of their long front teeth!).

So, this happened a couple of days ago. Then guess what happened yesterday? You guessed, didn't you? Yep, now there are two bunnies frolicking in the yard. My goodness, I'm going to be the talk around the doggie houses today. I'm harboring bunnies, lol.

It's just a hip, jump, and a hop before I'm putting out a dish of carrots and cabbage. Next thing you know I'll be naming the little guys.

Dear me, I better get some more coffee and see if they want some too.

Bark at you later,
PJ the dog blogging dog :-)


marsha | 1:39 AM

hi i'm back!!! and i absolutely adore these bunnies! what a great job! hope you've been well and keep warm! i must say i miss London's cold weather! it's just plain humid here in Singapore! :(