Friday, May 30, 2008

Kaijubees Are Here!

Introducing Kaijubees!

I hope you enjoy these icons.  

Bark at you later,
PJ the dog blogging dog :-)

P.S. How do you use these icons?

First of all, Thank-you for downloading my Kaijubee Icons!

Over at InterfaceLIFT, they offer a great FAQ on how to install and use the icons:

Or, my directions:
First, create a folder or highlight an existing folder (by mousing over until the image turns grey).
Then at the top of the screen FILE > GET INFO.
Keep this window open while you also highlight (by mousing over) one of the icons you have downloaded.
Repeat, FILE > GET INFO.
While still on the icon GET INFO window, click on the image of the icon until a blue outline appears, then click on EDIT > COPY.
Go back to the window with the folder and make sure there is a blue outline around the image of the folder, then click on EDIT > PASTE. The icon you have downloaded should now appear where the folder icon had been.

If you are trying to replace your Finder and/or Dashboard icons, you'll need to use something like Candybar ( which can replace system icons.


kc | 2:16 PM

how do use these kaijubees and what are they use for?

Anonymous | 4:17 PM

Hi KC,

I've emailed you the instructions on how to use the icons. Thanks for your interest in Kaijubees!


Anonymous | 1:07 PM

can you send me the instructions also! I've been trying to use them but seem to be a tad to computer ignorant.

Anonymous | 3:12 PM

Hi anonymous,

Unfortunately, you're anonymous and there's no email for me to send the instructions to.

Please leave another comment with your email and I'll gladly send the instructions for how to install and use the icons.

PJ ;-)

Rachel | 5:39 PM

Hello, I just downloaded these cute icons, but don't know how to use them.

My e-mail is


PeachPoPs | 12:12 PM

Hi Rachel,

I'm going to email you the instructions on how to install and use these icons.

Thanks for downloading Kaijubees!


Anonymous | 12:11 AM


i just dl'd the Kaijubees icons. i'm not sure how to use them but have assigned the appropriate app to a few of these and merely told it to "open with ____" app. is that right?

its been weird trying to add them to the dock.



p.s. i love them!

Anonymous | 11:31 PM

Hi Darla,

Thank-you for downloading our icons!

I've emailed you the icon instructions.

PJ :-)

Anonymous | 3:45 PM

i think these are adorable!
but i have no idea how to use them,
could you please email me the instrutions?

Anonymous | 8:25 AM

I have downloaded kaijubees, but am not sure how to use them and set them as icons for my applications. I am also not sure (for some of them) which kaijubees go with which application.


PeachPoPs | 3:07 PM

Hi Sarah and Dan,

I've emailed both of you with the icon installation instructions.

Thank-you for downloading Kaijubee Icons!

Bark at you later,
PJ the dog blogging dog ;-)

Anonymous | 8:49 PM

can you send it to me

Anonymous | 7:37 PM

Hi Mikoangelo,

The instructions are now included in the blog post above. :-)

Anonymous | 4:03 AM

love the icons. just read the tutorial and managed not to goof up. thanks. i just do i change the icons back?


Anonymous | 1:31 AM

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Anonymous | 4:50 PM

don't worry I'm not asking you how to install these, I got them to work, my question is, will you be making more??????? They are SOOOO cute! All my friends have them now! But I'd love to have some for my firefox or calendar or ichat. Are there any more planned for the future?


bekchan | 7:52 PM

I use these icons and love them and others always comment. I too would love to see more though... I'd love one for Mail, iCal, iChat and Terminal!

Keaton | 9:08 AM

You are all soooo dumb. Thank you again "dog" for these wonderful icons I have used them for a LONG time. I am really wanting you to come out with a second set of Kaijubees because there isn't one for iPhoto, Garageband, iCal, iChat, Mail and many more.

Mike | 4:34 PM

I have NO idea how to use them! Email me at